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Frame from the film Lara - the gift of languages

Frame from the film Lara - the gift of languages. Translated’s gift to thank all the people who work in the translation industry: translators, subtitlers, project managers and IT engineers.

Have you ever tried to create subtitles from scratch?

It’s hard work!

You need to understand the material you’re working with, maintain the context and meaning of the original video, and convey the translated script in the target language.

Typically, the first step of the workflow is to listen to and watch the whole video and transcribe the dialogue and any voice-overs. You then need to translate and convert everything into subtitles according to a set of guidelines.

And the guidelines can be different from project to project. For example, Netflix and Sky require a max of 42 characters per line, while the BBC requires a max of 37. Not to mention different minimum and maximum subtitle durations and more.

Then you re-watch the video, maybe re-translate and re-sync some parts, and repeat the process until the result is satisfactory.

And sometimes, all of this requires more than one tool.

It’s a job that demands effort and time.


Matesub is a web-based subtitling tool developed and maintained by Translated that provides suggestions during the transcription and translation process. Matesub is part of the Mate Tools Suite together with Matecat and Matedub.

The Mate Tools Suite envisions a future where machines and humans work together. Machines will take over repetitive and monotonous tasks, while humans will focus on the creative and more complex parts of the creation workflow.

Why is Matesub different?

What if we could help people focus on the creative side of their work, letting the machine take care of the most time-consuming tasks required by the rest of the process?

That’s why we created Matesub. A web-based tool that provides suggestions during the subtitling process, freeing up creatives’ time for the most inspiring part of their work: unleashing emotions.

With Matesub, you can upload a video and the system will automatically generate the subtitles. You just have to post-edit the automatically generated subtitles. What’s more, the whole system’s performance will improve over time, learning from your edits.

We build our tools around machine learning and big data analysis using state-of-the-art technology. Our goal is to identify patterns and tasks which can be performed by the machine, from automated project creation to tag positioning and automatic post-editing.

We believe in humans, and that humans and machines are better together.

Get in touch, subscribe to the Matesub LinkedIn Group, or just try Matesub for free and let us know what you think about it.

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