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Let AI take over time-intensive tasks, freeing you for creative pursuits.

Subtitling often entails tedious tasks, but with Matesub, the AI handles these monotonous parts for you. This frees up your time, allowing you to concentrate on the most exciting aspect of your work: conveying emotions.

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Daniel Grosse

Professional Subtitle Translator

I really love Matesub, it's very straightforward and user-friendly. It makes everything a breeze :)
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Monica Lobefaro

Professional Subtitle Translator

Matesub helps me speed up my work, hence guaranteeing faster deliveries. A great advantage with short deadlines.
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Giorgio Beltrame

Mescalito Film Creative Producer

Matesub simplifies teamwork and improves the final quality of the product.

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A lightning fast workflow. Just edit the auto-generated subtitles and export or share your work. That’s it.

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Upload your videos in any format. You can also add your own .SRT or .VTT to start with.


Subtitles will be automatically generated and synced in the chosen target language.


Edit the generated subtitles and carry out QA in a convenient and easy-to-use editor.


Choose how to export your subtitles: embedded in the video or in production-ready .SRT/.VTT.

Need professional human-made subtitling or dubbing services?

For projects that demand the highest level of accuracy and cultural nuance, we offer professional human-made services. Our network of experienced translators ensures that your content is handled with the utmost care and precision.

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User-Friendly Subtitling: Advanced Features, Simplified Process

Unleash your potential with our comprehensive suite of features designed for you to craft top-tier work and let your creativity soar!

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Easy collaboration

Share projects with your peers as simply as copying a link. Stop relying on WeTransfer and drives.

Easy collaboration


A custom ModernMT engine turns the transcripts into subtitles in the target language.


Cutting-edge speech recognition transcribes the original audio source into text.


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